Saturday, June 8, 2013

Marcos Maidana vs. Josesito Lopez

Tonight Showtime Boxing Maidana vs. Lopez. We'll have live results and fight coverage all night as Marcos Maidana faces Josesito Lopez live on Showtime. Showtime Boxing Maidana vs. Lopez airs tonight, Saturday June 8 live on Showtime with a fight time of 10:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. PT.

Fans who know the style that both Maidana and Lopez bring to the ring know that this is the fight to watch tonight, as these two tough fighters are ready to do war. To see what kind of fight we're in for, look no further than each man's most recent wins - Lopez's gutsy jaw-breaking performance against Victor Ortiz, Maidana's KOs over Jesus Soto Karass and Angel Martinez. These are two fighters who can deliver fireworks, and many expect them to do just that tonight.

But what will this fight do for each man's career? Both men have already been in the spotlight against the likes of Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan. And yet neither man has the kind of huge name that would make this a signature win for the victor. After all, both hold victories over Ortiz that trump this, with Maidana also holding a solid win over Erik Morales. This fight as a whole is a bit lost in the shuffle of a packed 2013 in boxing.

This is all true. And yet, at the same time, this feels like it could be something big for the winner. Particularly if that winner is Josesito Lopez.

As I said, a Lopez win here would not be as big a moment for Lopez as his 2012 win over Ortiz. The Rocky story behind that fight made it a huge moment for Lopez. However, the highs of that win were almost immediately brought back down to Earth when Lopez lost to Canelo just three months later. Here then, Lopez needs to regain the momentum he took from Ortiz.

Marcos Maidana is the perfect opponent for the task.

In Maidana, Lopez has the ideal opponent. He is a tough fighter who will make this an action fight. He's powerful, but beatable - the kind of opponent that Lopez will look very good winning against. Of course, that's assuming Lopez wins, and that's a huge if. Maidana is no pushover, and absolutely has the ability to end Lopez's night with his power. If Lopez gets too wild and sloppy, allowing Maidana to brawl with him, it could become Maidana's fight to win.

But if Lopez stays focused and mixes that fire with just a bit more control, then he can take this. In the process, he can remind fans of his win over Ortiz, turn in another thrilling performance, and demand the respect of the fighters in the very exciting Welterweight division.

In short, he can make himself the star of the night, and one of the fighters to watch in 2013. To get there, he has to put down Marcos Maidana, and he has to do so in thrilling fashion. It's no easy task, but that's what makes watching Josesito Lopez so much fun.

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