Friday, October 11, 2013

Estonia vs Turkey

Turkey will look to salvage its World Cup hopes when it takes on Estonia on Friday.

The Turks currently sit in third place in Group D with 13 points in eight games. The team trails Hungary by just one point and has a huge chance to jump into second. More importantly, Romania is also tied for third with 13 points and faces last place Andorra in its Friday matchup.

Hungary is slated to play the Netherlands (who have already qualified as the first-place team) with the odds stacked against them. The Dutch disposed of Hungary 4-1 in their Sept. 11, 2012 matchup.

However, Hungary could catch the Dutch by surprise and manage a win; the Oranje nearly lost against Estonia on Sept. 6, 2013. The team has qualified and may play the match with less desperation; Hungary could take advantage. 

If Hungary does win, then Turkey must win or else it will be eliminated from contention. A draw would place them at the mercy of the Romania-Andorra match; anyone that has followed the tournament knows that Andorra has yet to register a win (or a goal) in eight matches and is heavily unlikely to win that match.

The last time these teams faced off Turkey managed a 3-0 win at home; Estonia has managed a record of 1-1-2 at home.

Prediction: Turkey will enter this game with tremendous amount of desperation; expect the team to manage a 3-0 win at home.

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